We Can Help You Grow
Growth can be challenging. Fresh perspectives can identify new and exciting growth opportunities. We help companies grow more effectively by integrating fresh customer-based perspectives into focused and sustainable growth solutions that leverage the company’s strengths.

Dynamic Insights was started in 2007 to help businesses better understand their markets and customers.  It has grown to consist of two distinct and complimentary areas: Growth Solutions helps clients build and implement successful growth plans, and Business/Marketing Research helps clients truly understand how their company is perceived while delivering valuable market, competitive and customer information that can drive more sales.

Our Focus

We provide Ph.D. level market research, business and marketing strategies, and marketing implementation support.  All from people that have studied research at the highest level, built businesses and developed leading brands, so the research and strategies lead to real measurable market growth.

Supportive Expertise
Everyone needs occasional support, and a fresh outside perspective can help solidify your ideas. That’s our role. Our seasoned practitioners possess cross-industry experience in branding, product development, segmentation and new business development. Our Ph.D.s possess market research and statistical expertise.  We operate like a ‘special teams’ unit.  We come on the field as needed, help diagnose and improve marketing and sales efforts, and exit the field when our work is done.

What Our Projects Look Like
We pride ourselves in the diversity of companies and industries in which we’ve worked, and the variety of work we have provided.  We help our clients focus on the right activities to achieve sustainable growth by understanding their business and evaluating their situations from different angles through comprehensive processes.  Our projects are focused and have clearly articulated and actionable deliverables that improve business results.

Why Companies Work With Us
We have a unique combination of resources typically found only in the very largest consulting  companies, yet we are small and nimble, working with companies on their terms, not ours. With our superior research, strategy and implementation capabilities, Dynamic Insights has helped many companies achieve what they didn’t think was possible.  If you work with us, we promise to deliver a level of expertise and passion that will energize your organization and deliver results.

Dynamic Insights was founded
Combined Years of experience
S. Commercial Street, Neenah, Wisconsin

116 S Commercial Street, Neenah, WI

Dynamic Insights is located in the former Equitable Reserve Association building which was opened in 1909 and designed by the architect W.M Waters.

To learn more about the building, visit HERE.