The Dynamic Insights Team

Dynamic Insights, LLC is a collection of highly experienced business professionals who have grown large and small businesses focused on helping companies GROW.  Our experiences range from very large consumer brands like Kleenex®, Huggies®, and Pull-Ups®, to smaller business-to-business companies in the construction equipment business and homebuilding business.  Since forming Dynamic Insights in 2007, we have helped companies in many industries including financial, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, consumer electronics, not-for-profits and many more.  If you want more growth, we would like to help.

Steve Romme

Steve Romme spent over 30 years managing and leading businesses, including 17 years at Kimberly-Clark with roles in brand management, new business development, manufacturing and finance. Steve has business and marketing leadership experience at multiple companies and utilizes his analytical and creative skills to help companies create and implement winning strategies. Steve also supports the community through volunteer opportunities and has been granted over a dozen US and international patents.

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Tim Short

Tim Short spent over 30 years of his career with Kimberly-Clark, holding senior positions in Finance, Marketing, Global Business, and Innovation/New Products. He held leadership roles on consumer brands including HUGGIES®, KLEENEX®, PULL—UPS® and KOTEX®. Tim is an active volunteer in the community with several organizations in the Fox Cities, including the United Way Fox Cities, where he is a past chairman of the Board. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Fox River Navigational System Authority. Tim has a B.S. and M.B.A. from The Ohio State University.
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Ellen Wheeler

Ellen Wheeler spent over 20 years with Kimberly-Clark, leading the development of brand strategies and integrated marketing solutions for KLEENEX®, COTTONELLE®, SCOTT® and VIVA® brands. Ellen was a part of the leadership team that developed and implemented integrated marketing at K-C, acknowledged as best practice by the CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council. B.A. from DePauw University.
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